M-Form specializes in fabricating curved architectural panels for interiors and facades as well as form liners for cast in place structures.

We also provide intuitive parametric design software that allows users to quickly and easily panelize surfaces and track the cost implications of their design decisions in real-time.

M-Form was created by architects for architects. The company was born out the frustration of designing complex curved building forms and the expensive non-sustainable manufacturing processes involved with it. 

M-Form is a reconfigurable and reusable mold that can alter its mold surface in seconds based on CAD information. With no need for stock materials, our process is one that is not only quick, but one that has zero waste.

By making doubly curved architecture cost effective and sustainable, we aim to open up the possibilities for designers, while unbundling the tradeoff faced by owners in choosing between design and cost.

M-Form means Mechatronic Forming Mechatronics is a concurrent field blending mechanical (mecha) and electronics (tronics) engineering used for the development of interactive design and manufacturing.