Today's engineers, architects and designers have an assortment of digital design tools at their fingertips that allow for increasingly complex geometry to become a reality. Typically CNC manufacturing tools have facilitated the fabrication and assembly of these parts. Meanwhile, sustainable practices are being implemented across the building industry in an effort to reduce waste, minimize energy use, drive down greenhouse emissions and utilize renewable materials.

Programs such as Architecture 2030 have been implemented to ensure the building industry meets carbon neutrality within fifteen years. The program also proposes a fifty-percent reduction in the total embodied energy used in architectural manufacturing within the same time frame. M-Form will become a major part of the solution to this issue, manufacturing precast panels with zero waste for small installations to large scale projects in engineering and architecture. The technology of M-Form also has the capability to greatly effect the efficiency and sustainability of other industries such as aerospace and automobile manufacturing.

CNC routers used to make molds are energy-intensive and require high-energy intensive ventilation systems.

19.13 TWh Annually 19,132,653,061 Tons of Coal Equivalent


Traditional Mold Making process


M-Form streamlines this process to save time, money and energy.



Creating amazing designs with less waste. No one wants to negatively affect the environment while making their design a reality. Our process produces zero waste as compared to traditional methods which can result in up to 90% wasted byproduct! Even our mold membrane is casted from reusable wax and can used many times.


Our process uses a remarkably low amount of energy as compared to traditional mold making processes involving high energy intensive milling and many steps. We can easily reconfigure M-Form using many stepper motors that move M-Form's pins into place. Overall, this process uses significant less energy based on the amount of time and intensity at which they are used as compared to traditional methods.


Since we don't need to create custom molds from foam or another medium for each variation in a design, we can reconfigure M-Form endlessly without additional cost or waste.