Hunter has a decade of experience working as the lead bridge architect for T.Y. Lin International where he works on the firm’s most iconic structures around the globe. Projects include the 4th Crossing over the Panama Canal, the I-395 Signature structure in Miami, the Tu Lien Bridge in Vietnam, and the Iconic Canal Bridge in Qianhai, China amongst many others.

He invented and patented the proprietary technology that gives M-Form its competitive advantage as the focal point of the graduate thesis in order to make complex shapes in a more affordable and sustainable manner.

He is an expert in design computation and advanced digital fabrication as it relates to architectural design. He holds a professional bachelor degree of architecture from Cal Poly Pomona and a Master of Science in Design Computation from the University of Washington, Seattle.



Sean has a decade of experience in the financial industry and has advised companies from formative stage through exit. 

Prior to co-founding M-Form, Sean lead a team responsible for due diligence of investments in  technology startups while also addition to advising venture-backed portfolio companies to increase intrinsic value. He is experienced working with startups on business plan development, structuring & negotiating commercial agreements, capital formation, and financial planning & analysis. 

He has successfully completed all 3 levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program and holds a B.S. in Economics from University of California, Berkeley.